How does Vensim compare to other system dynamics software?

For model building, Vensim and other system dynamics languages have a great deal in common.  The available functions and default graphical presentations are similar.  Vensim is more flexible than most in the appearance of the model diagram, allowing you to easily mix stock and flow and causal loop elements.

On the analysis side, Vensim is unique.  It contains a set of Analysis tools that use the structure of the model to present information to quickly find problems and investigate sources of behavior.  Our patented Causal Tracing®capabilities allow you to instantly see the behavior of a variable and the variables that connect to it.

Vensim is also very strong in terms of capacity, performance and functionality.  Simulation speed is fast, the optimization capabilities are powerful.  The sensitivity analysis is both fast and powerful, there are no practical limits on model size, and it is easy to extend the base capabilities using external functions of the Vensim DLL.

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