What is Causal Tracing®?

Several analysis tools allow you to perform Causal Tracing®  A Causes Tree diagram shows a selected variable and the variables that “cause” it to change (up to 3 connections distant — this is adjustable).  Selecting a variable in this tree and clicking the Causes Tree tool again creates a tree diagram of that variable.  In this way, you can trace the causes (or uses) of a variable throughout a model.  A Causes Strip Graph displays behavior for the selected variable and all the variables directly connected to it so that you can see which variables contribute which types of behavior.  Selecting one of these variables and clicking the Causes Strip Graph again traces the behavior for that variable and variables directly connected to it.  You can continue to trace sources of behavior throughout your model.  This is useful for discovering which feedback loops contribute certain types of behavior in a model (growth, decay, etc.).  Read more about Causal Tracing.

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