How to create web simulations with Vensim using Forio Simulate

Webinar with Billy Schoenberg & Matt Adams, Forio, and Tom Fiddaman, Ventana, 3/23/11
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Vensim is ideally suited for creating sophisticated system dynamics simulation models, and Ventana UK’s Sable tool provides desktop deployment, but how can modelers make the insights from models accessible via the web?
Forio Simulate is a web hosting application that makes it easy for modelers to integrate Vensim models into end-user web applications. It allows modelers working in Vensim to publish VMF files to a server-based installation of Vensim hosted by Forio. Modelers can then use the interface design tool to create a web interface using a drag-and-drop application. No programming is necessary.
You can find over 400 Vensim-powered simulations on Forio.
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