Industrial strength simulation software for improving the performance of real systems. Vensim's rich feature set emphasizes model quality, connections to data, flexible distribution, and advanced algorithms. Configurations for everyone from students to professionals.


Some features & applications of Ventana simulation products:

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We invite you to read about recent Vensim releases and other news:

  • December Sale

    If you’ve been waiting to move to the premier dynamic modeling tool, or to extend your maintenance and upgrade to the latest version of Vensim, now is a great time. All Vensim editions are on sale, 20% off, through the … Continue reading

  • Jay Forrester, 1918-2016

    We at Ventana Systems sadly mark the passing of Jay Forrester, pioneer in servomechanism control, digital computing, System Dynamics and global modeling. We hope that our tools and our work may carry on in Jay’s spirit, to help people better … Continue reading

  • New C-ROADS and World Climate simulators

    The latest version of Climate Interactive‘s award-winning C-ROADS climate change policy simulator, powered by Vensim, is available at You can run the simpler World Climate version online, in a nice browser interface:

Vensim Video Library

  • Vensim Causal Loop Diagramming This video shows several ways to build causal loop diagrams in Vensim. We start simple with Vensim PLE, and then illustrate some additional features, like navigation links, that are possible in DSS. The first ten minutes should have you up & running on the basics.
  • Collaboration in Ventity This page is moving. Visit us at! This video takes a look at opportunities for team model building in Ventity. Ventity has a modular structure, with each entity and dataset in a separate XML file. That makes it practical to use source control systems (like subversion or git) or sync software (like Dropbox or OneDrive) ...
  • Model Analysis – World Dynamics This video walks through a critique of the World model that kicked off the Limits to Growth debate, starting with Forrester’s World Dynamics, followed by World3 and the Limits to Growth and many subsequent works. The purpose of this video is not to discuss the mapping of the world models to the real world, though that ...
  • Ventity Introduction with Infection Models This page is moving. Visit us at! We were very pleased with our Ventity workshop at the SD conference in Delft. We had a good crowd, with interesting questions and lots of potential applications that will benefit from our new approach. This series of videos walks you through most of the workshop content. The workshop models ...
  • Getting Started with Ventity – Help System Models This page is moving. Visit us at! These videos walk you through the basic Ventity models in the Help system:
  • Vensim’s new partner – Ventity This page is moving. Visit us at! At the System Dynamics Conference in Delft, we showed a complementary new product – Ventity – that solves some problems that can be intractable in most simulation languages. Here’s a quick preview: There’s a Ventity poster and more detailed white paper in the conference proceedings: Ventity Poster ISDC 2014 Entity-Based System ...
  • Running models with Vensim PLE and the Model Reader A brief tutorial on running models with Vensim PLE and the Vensim Model Reader.
  • Causal Tracing in Vensim A tutorial on Causal Tracing™ – following the chain of causality through a model for insight and debugging.
  • Lookups in Vensim A tutorial on building and using lookups (table functions) in Vensim models.
  • Building a Simple Vensim Model A quick tutorial on building and running a new Vensim model.