Industrial strength simulation software for improving the performance of real systems. Vensim's rich feature set emphasizes model quality, connections to data, flexible distribution, and advanced algorithms. Configurations for everyone from students to professionals.


Some features & applications of Ventana simulation products:

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We invite you to read about recent Vensim releases and other news:

  • Vensim 6.4 Released.

    Get It Vensim 6.4 is available for download or purchase in the Vensim Store . Upgrades are easy – just visit the download page and enter your license key information. If your maintenance is current, you can download immediately. If … Continue reading

  • Ventity Beta Available

    The public beta of Ventity, new simulation software, is now available – we’ve just uploaded the latest (build 573). Get it at Ventity is new simulation software for complex systems. Key benefits include: Modularity and object orientation, supporting sectors … Continue reading

  • New SDM-Doc version

    SDM-Doc is a nice open source tool for documenting system dynamics models. The latest version runs in Java and provides new functionality. See the Workbench for a link: SDM-Doc/Java The Java version provides a superset of the .NET capabilities (expect … Continue reading

Vensim Video Library

  • Vensim’s new partner – Ventity ventityAt the System Dynamics Conference in Delft, we showed a complementary new product – Ventity – that solves some problems that can be intractable in Vensim. Here’s a quick preview: There’s a Ventity poster and more detailed white paper in the conference proceedings: Ventity Poster ISDC 2014 Entity-Based System Dynamics White Paper
  • Running models with Vensim PLE and the Model Reader PLEreaderA brief tutorial on running models with Vensim PLE and the Vensim Model Reader.
  • Causal Tracing in Vensim causalTracingA tutorial on Causal Tracing™ – following the chain of causality through a model for insight and debugging.
  • Lookups in Vensim lookupsA tutorial on building and using lookups (table functions) in Vensim models.
  • Building a Simple Vensim Model vensimA quick tutorial on building and running a new Vensim model.
  • Vensim 6 Optimization Features vensim6optA quick tour of new optimization & calibration features in Vensim 6:
  • Vensim 6 Interface vensim6intA quick tour of the new look of the Vensim 6 tools and equation editor:
  • How to create web simulations with Vensim using Forio Simulate forioVensim is ideally suited for creating sophisticated system dynamics simulation models, and Ventana UK’s Sable tool provides desktop deployment, but how can modelers make the insights from models accessible via the web? Forio Simulate is a web hosting application that makes it easy for modelers to integrate Vensim models into end-user web applications. Webinar with ...