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External Functions and the Vensim DLL

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The Vensim DLL and also supports external functions.  However, to use external functions with these it is necessary to link your external function DLL with a different .lib file.  The DLL libraries have names corresponding to the respective Vensim DLL.  These are:

vendll32.dll/vendll32.libĀ  - The 32 bit full DLL and also the DLL available with the Vensim Application Runtime.  These require Windows 95/98/2000 or NT.
vendlx32.dll/vendlx32.lib - The redistributable DLL that is part of the redistribution license.
vdpdll32.dll/vdpdll32.lib, vdpdlx32.dll/vdpdlx32.lib are the double precision versions of the preceding libraries.

NOTEThe treatment of DLL names is different from that of Version 3 of Vensim.  You should not rename any of the .lib file or .dll files but use them with the names they are shipped with.  

It is strongly recommended that you name your external function library file to indicate which Vensim configuration it is intended to work with.