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Vensim Help

We have provide samples for using the DLLs with Excel, Java, Visual Basic, Delphi and C++.  Note that you need to use a 32 bit development environment to use the 32 bit DLLs and a 16 bit development environment to use the 16 it DLLs. The function prototypes in these samples can be pasted into you applications.

DELPHI20 (32 bit) - directory with Delphi 2.0 (32 bit) example.  The function prototypes in this example can be pasted into you applications.

EXCEL7 (32 bit)- contains an example written in Excel version 7.0 using VB for Applications..

EXCEL97(32 bit) - contains an example written in the Office 97 version of Excel using VB for Applications.

MSVC40 (32 bit)- directory with an example of a MFC application calling the Vensim DLL.  The project vdllr32.mak can be opened as a make file in Microsoft Visual C++ version 4.0 or later.

MSVC60 (32 bit) – directory with a MFC for Microsoft  application for Visuall C/C++ 6.0 that demonstrates how to use SyntheSim with the Vensim DLL.

VBASIC40 (32 bit) - directory with 2 Visual Basic Version 4.0 examples.  VENDLL.MAK contains a simple example using the full DLL.  VENDLM.MAK is an example using only the functionality of the minimal DLL.  The function prototypes may be copied from the (general) section to your own code.

JAVA  (32 bit)- directory contains an example that uses a Java Application to call the Vensim DLL.  This directory also includes an additional DLL - venjava.dll  that acts a glue between Java and the Vensim DLL.  The example uses the full DLL, but will also work with the minimal DLL (this will require relinking venjava.dll).  In Java it is not possible to make use of the sketch or tool display capabilities of the Vensim DLL without using platform specific extensions.