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Vensim Help

Function prototypes are given in this chapter for C, Java, Delphi (Pascal) and Visual Basic.  C, Java  and Pascal all use a 32 bit integer so the prototypes are on integers.  For 32 bit Visual Basic we explicitly use Long  instead of Integer.  

The function prototypes for C assume that VEFCC has been defined as:

#define VEFCC __stdcall

If you are using C++ you will also need to precede the function prototypes with extern "C" this is done for you in the file vendll.h  that installs in the dll directory.

The Java calls are actually all through an intermediate class definition and glue dll called venjava.dll.  The function definitions all appear in  To use the Java calls use the class vensim so that the calls appear as vensim.be_quiet(0) and so on.

For Delphi you need to define the SinglePtr, DoublePtr and LongintPtr types as:


SinglePtr = ^Single ;

DoublePtr = ^Double ;

LongintPtr = ^Longint ;