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SINTEG(rate,initial,min,max,quant,spec,thresh) Special numerical INTEGration

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Returns the integral of rate but puts special restrictions on the value it can take on.  SINTEG will never go below min or above max. SINTEG will always return a multiple of quant.  If the value SINTEG would return is within thresh of spec, then SINTEG will return spec.

Restrictions:  SINTEG must directly follow the equation sign.  It signals Vensim that the variable on the left-hand side of the equation is a Level or State variable.  The last five arguments must be numbers or :NA:.


NOTE  The SINTEG function is non-conservative and should be used with care.

Units:INTEG(unit/ time, unit, #,#,#,#,#) --> unit

The units of the integral must be the same as the units of the initial condition.  The rate must have the same units, divided by the units of TIME STEP.  The remaining arguments must all be numbers.


SINTEG(rate,initial,:NA:,:NA:,:NA:,:NA:,:NA:) is equal to INTEG(rate,initial)

SINTEG(rate,inital,0,:NA:,:NA:,:NA:,:NA:,:NA:) is always >= 0

SINTEG(rate,initial,0,100,1,:NA:,:NA:) is an integer between 0 and 100

SINTEG(rate,initial,:NA:,:NA:,:NA:,0,.01) is 0 whenever it would otherwise be < .01 and > -.01.

Availability: Not PLE or PLE Plus.

See also: INTEG

Sample model: SINTEG.mdl in FunctionExamples