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Vensim uses three classes of windows:

Build windows let you modify models and other files. Build windows can be open in the Sketch Editor or the Text Editor.

Control windows let you change the settings in Vensim. There are two control windows: the Control Panel, and the Subscript Control.

Output windows (or Tool Output windows) are the output from the Analysis Tools, from some menu items, and from error or warning messages and simulation messages. Output windows can be viewed but they cannot be changed. You can select the Workbench Variable from an Output window.

In order to manage the three classes of windows, Vensim lets you move among windows in a class, and among the classes of windows. You also have the option of keeping the Build windows behind, and of keeping the Control windows in front.

From the keyboard, you can move among windows in a class by holding down the Ctrl key and pressing the Tab key. You can move among window classes by holding down the Ctrl and Shift keys and pressing the Tab key.

Using the mouse, you can move among windows in class with by clicking on the windows, or clicking on any of the rightmost buttons in the Main Toolbar. If, for example, an Output window is open and you click on the Output button it will show the next Output window. If the Build window is active and hiding any Output windows, clicking on the Output button brings all Output windows forward.

Note that if you are keeping the Build windows behind or the Control windows in front, the window you activate might be partially, or even completely, obscured by other windows.

You can maximize or minimize windows by clicking on the appropriate button at the right of the title bar for that window. A minimized Build window has a restore button in the Menu area. Double clicking on a title bar of a window will also maximize or restore the window.