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Vensim Help

As noted above, you can specify the groups or categories into which variables fall.  Since Vensim allows you to search subscript range names by group, the specification of groups frequently permits quicker inspection of model results.  

In the Text Editor, a group is defined by placing the group name between two lines of four or more asterisks (****), followed by a tilde ~, including an optional comment and ending in a bar |.  The final bar | is very important.  For example:  




Variables relating to financial performance


All variables defined following a group definition are then automatically included in the group.  A new group definition marks the beginning of a new group (i.e., groups are not hierarchical).

In the Equation Editor you can use the group selection area to choose an existing group from a list, or type in the name of a new group.

A default model group (given the name of the model) is always created and used if no other groups are explicitly named.   The default group appears first in the model and the comment associated with it is the comment that is displayed in the Info/Sketch tab of the Model Settings dialog.