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Vensim Help

When you ask to print from Vensim you will print the currently active window.  Only build and tool output windows can be printed so if the Control Panel or Subscript Control is active nothing will happen when you ask to print.

For text output from the Text Editor and the Document, Loops, Outline, Run Compare, Stats, Table, and Units Check tools (as well as a number of other utility windows), the information will be printed as simple text with a header containing page numbers and, optionally, the time and a comment.  The orientation will be Portrait unless you explicitly ask for Landscape in the Print Options dialog.

For graphical output from the Bar, Gantt, Graph, Strip Graph, Sensitivity Graph and Tree tools, Vensim will size the output to be big enough to clearly display the information subject to the page size (or a size you specify).  When there is a mismatch between desired and available size, each tool has its own algorithm for fitting into the desired space.  Fonts and relative object sizing will often be changed. Graphical output is always fit to a single page.

When printing from the Sketch Editor the information will be printed as it appear on the screen but without the handles.  Depending on your choices output may appear on multiple pages.

If you are having problems getting printed output with the right colors on a color printer check the Graphics tab of the Global Options dialog.