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Vensim 8.2.1 (Jan 2021)

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Vensim 8.2.1 brings some new functionality and fixes some issues.


Model settings.

Vensim now has some new settings to configure how the model is saved on disk. You can now choose how the equations are stored (alphabetical by group or as entered). You can also let Vensim reformat the equation (you can choose as entered, terse or verbose. Vensim can also now store user-specific model settings in an external file. This is useful if you are using MDL with file version tools (such as SVN and GIT). The model settings (such as workbench variable) that are stored externally do not actually change the model file, so it will appear unchanged to file version tools. Zoom level can also be overridden on save to force views to fit to screen or zoom to 100%. Click here for more information.



There are now a group of file format settings that make using file version tools such as SVN/GIT easier. Click here for more information.


File formats.

Models saved on the Mac or Windows platforms no longer need the sketch to be re-sized due to the different DPI settings on both platforms.


MacOS dark mode.

Vensim now supports dark mode on MacOS.