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Vensim 9.0.1

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Vensim 9.0.1 is a maintenance release to fix some issues.

1. New "simulation setup" mode. Click the "Simulation->Simulation control" menu item, or the "Sim Control" button simcontrolicon. You now have access to all simulation control parameters, plus the sketch is active to change constants/lookups.


2. New reference mode button.


3. Arrow polarity on sketches. You can now change the polarity on arrows quickly.

 a.        Draw an arrow and immediately press +, -, O, N, U, ? or S, and the last arrow created will use this as the polarity symbol.

 b.        Select a single arrow and press +, -, O, N, U, ? or S to set the polarity symbol.


4. New model settings dialog.


5. SyntheSim changes. New functionality available when right clicking the mouse on constants.


6. Redesigned SyntheSim sliders.


7. New input/output object settings.