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Version 6.1 - May 2013 and Version 6.1a,c -- June 2013

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Release Version 6.1 includes ...


New functionality

Default settings in vensim.ini have been improved.

There is a new option to treat double-precision numbers in change files as single precision (floats), for consistency with single precision simulations and native model variables.

There are new keyboard shortcuts for sketch tools.

The File>Edit dialog type menu is better ordered.

Optimization payoffs may now be retrieved by the DLL


Bug Fixes

The .dll functions vensim_synthesim_vals and the corresponding VensimCSynthesimVals have been revised to eliminate a bug that prevented them from functioning. This changes the calling interface. Calling vensim_get_data with a null or empty filename to retrieve SyntheSim results now works.

An error in setting Placeholder values for Partial Simulation has been fixed.

mdl.bat has been improved for easier compiled simulation, especially on 64-bit Windows systems.

vensim.h has been modified to permit use of string variables in compiled simulations.

Bar graph display for zero and negative bars improved.

ODBC works in double precision.

A rare error in ALLOCATE AVAILABLE has been fixed.

Paths in DLL examples have been updated.

A crash when exporting datasets with subscripts in own columns has been fixed.

Table backgrounds colors were not being being applied, this has been fixed.

Export to Excel when using single precision Vensim has been improved.

A crash when writing to the error log has been fixed.


In addition, there are various corrections and improvements to documentation.



Version 6.1a

Fixed the version number and copyright date in the Help header.

Equation Editor bug fix -- type and priority field with Reality Check were not accessable.

Sim Setup dialog -- the constant and table function on the sketch were disabled

Negative width in ALLOCATE BY PRIORITY caused a crash.  Fixed.

Occasional bad data output with Table and Stats Tool.  Fixed.


Version 6.1c

Fixed occasional numerical display errors for chart labels and table view.