Vensim & Ventity Workshop Materials

ISDC2019, Thursday, July 25, 2019

Room Alvarado D

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  1. Check the software requirements for the courses you plan to attend, listed below. Download & install what you need.
  2. Download the course materials and unzip them to a convenient location on your hard drive. Don't choose a location that's locked down by your operating system (such as Program Files). Sync software like Dropbox can also cause intermittent file conflicts.

Download links are provided below.

Introduction to Vensim, 9:00

This hands-on workshop will provide a quick introduction to modeling with Vensim. The primary purpose is to obtain technical proficiency with the software - building diagrams, writing and checking equations, running models and displaying output. However, in the process, we will work with interesting, classic models that demonstrate growth and decay, nonlinearity and shifting loop dominance and other interesting phenomena. As time permits and governed by the interest of participants, we will also cover modeling discrete events, stochastic behavior, tipping points and/or crafting good behavioral decision rules.


You can use any recent version of Vensim PLE, PLE+, Pro or DSS on Windows or Mac. See below for downloads.

Getting Started with Ventity, 11:00

This is a hands-on introduction to Ventity, a platform for system dynamics modeling that supports detailed and object oriented modeling while preserving attractive features of existing tools, including a completely declarative language with a graphical representation. We will introduce the software and new concepts, including collections of entities, attributes, relationships, aggregation and allocation functions, and actions. Features facilitate modularity and collaboration, provide a more natural description of detail than arrays, and solve sparse matrix problems. It has application to both traditional system dynamics, with modular sectors, and to agent based modeling.


You will need a recent version of Ventity.


The links below provide free trials of Vensim and Ventity. When you're ready, you can purchase a copy in the Vensim Store.


Vensim runs on Windows or Mac with fairly minimal system requirements. Mac users may want to test in advance, as we have just learned of problems with a recent OSX update. We suggest a Windows emulator as a workaround.

Download a fresh copy from the Vensim download page.


Ventity requires Windows on a physical machine, or on a Mac with an emulator.

We recommend the latest Ventity 3, though most things should also work in the current release 2.

Download a copy from the Ventity download page. Then you have three licensing options:

Models & Materials

Materials include starting-point models and presentation documentation. They will be available for download by Wednesday before the workshop. See:

Materials Shared Folder

Before the session, please download the .zip archive and save it to a convenient location on our hard drive, then expand it to a working folder. You should choose a location that is not locked down by the operating system (i.e. not Program Files; we recommend your Documents folder). Some users have had issues with file sync software (DropBox, OneDrive) interfering with Vensim's file operations.