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1. Spring sale sale, through May 20th 2022

If you’ve been waiting to move to the premier dynamic modeling tool, or to extend your maintenance and upgrade to the latest version of Vensim, now is a great time. All Vensim editions are on sale, 20% off, through mid-May 2022.

Ventity subscriptions continue to be inexpensive at $99 per year, and free for academic users. If you can’t decide, or want to use both (as we do on consulting projects), a Vensim Pro or DSS license includes a Ventity subscription.

Buy direct at the Vensim store,
At the checkout stage, enter the coupon code SPRINGSALE. For academic and public research users, please contact us for the discounts.

Contact sales at vensim@vensim.com for volume quotes and other information. Extend your maintenance for a year of upgrades by logging in with your license key on the download page, https://www.vensim.com/download.html

2. Vensim 9.2 Released

Vensim 9.2 is now available. There are many aesthetic, usability and stability upgrades. Simulation setup and Synthesim™ controls are better than ever. File format and submodel upgrades enhance team use of source control, even in mixed Windows-Mac environments. For most platforms, the new version includes a crash reporter that can recover model work-in-progress.

Licenced users can download if they have active maintenance from


Academic PLE and evaluation and Model Reader users can download from


We have completely re-written the user interface using the latest graphics engines available on both MacOS and Windows. This future-proofs Vensim and ensures it will remain the fastest and most advanced simulation package on the market today.

We have a set of videos that introduce the new interface and how to use it. These are available as a complete playlist, or you can view individual videos if you need to. All of them are available at the foot of our System Dynamics conference page at

The new interface is similar in many ways to the old one so existing users should have no trouble migrating. And we hope it’s more intuitive than the old interface, so new users should find learning how to build models in Vensim a faster process. And there is a lot more to come including new output tools, as well as integration with Forio to allow you to put your simulations online.

Visit the site above and see how the new Vensim looks.

3. Ventity 4.7

Ventity 4.7 has just been released. The primary new feature is a relaxation of circularity checking to permit more entity self-references in models of hierarchies like supply chains or projects. In addition, there are many small usability upgrades.


Behind the scenes, a new data and code generation architecture supports use of large models in embedded systems (contact us at info@ventity.biz for details and availability).

If you’re new to Ventity:

The Help system contains a lot of good “getting started” material, including a series of videos, which are also on Vimeo, starting with

The Ventity support forum is up and running at

If you have Vensim Pro or DSS with current maintenance, you already have a Ventity license. You can look up the key with your Vensim license at https://www.vensim.com/php-bin/download.html

4.  System Dynamics Modelling with Vensim Workshop – South Africa System Dynamics Chapter.

As part of the 10th Annual System Dynamics Conference, the South Africa System Dynamics Chapter will host its 1st System Dynamics Modelling with Vensim workshop facilitated by Prof Josephine Kaviti Musango. The workshop will take place on 17th November 2022. The objective of the workshop is to advance a research practice of following the system dynamics modelling process before jumping into the software. Using a single case study, researchers and practitioners will have hands-on modelling using Vensim. The workshop is endorsed by Ventana Systems.

To secure your spot for the workshop, register for the 10th Annual System Dynamics Conference here: http://systemdynamics.org.za/10-sasdc-reg-form/ and select “System Dynamics Modelling with Vensim: Workshop”.

5. Online courses.

We now offer basic, intermediate and advanced online courses in both English and Spanish. Those courses are addressed to students, teachers, researchers, consultants, professionals and public managers.

More information on the web https://vensim.com/vensim-online-courses

6. Applications

We regularly see impressive applications of Vensim and Ventity and note them on our web sites and social media. If you’ve developed something cool, drop us a note and we’d be happy to share your news!

Here are two that you can run online:


The latest version of the award-winning C-ROADS climate change policy simulator is powered by Vensim, using Todd Fincannon’s open SDEverywhere transpiler to run in a browser with an elegant interface and speed and interactivity rivaling Synthesim. Its companion En-ROADS is even more elegant.

Energy Policy Simulator

Energy Innovation has an Energy Policy Simulator that lets users explore what it takes to achieve energy and emissions targets, in detail. The simulator has a custom HTML5 interface that runs a Vensim model on servers using the Multicontext shared library. The interface was developed by Todd Fincannon. It has extensive documentation, and the Policy Design Guide explains many energy system policies in the internally consistent framework that a model provides. You can also download and run the open source model on your desktop.

7. In the Forum

The support forums at https://www.ventanasystems.co.uk/forum provides quick-turnaround help on a variety of software and modeling questions. It now has over 2000 successfully answered queries, and also contains the archive of the SD mailing list.

A sample of recent topics:

  • How to set a Auxiliary with Initial?
  • GET DIRECT LOOKUPS with subscript
  • Error message when I want to install a new version of Vensim
  • model about the staircase elevator problem exposed by Tom in the facebook forum
  • Unit errors
  • Need help with vensim model
  • Stock and flow and TIME STEP
  • Embed text in SVG
  • choosing the time step
  • Options menu on macOS
  • Model of data-intensive support service
  • temporary effect
  • Model equations
  • summing subscripts of a LOOKUP variable
  • two models explaining how to correct some errors found in the world3 model

8. System Dynamics Conference News
Ventana Systems thanks the SD Society for another great conference. We enjoyed meeting new and old friends and seeing new developments in the field. We were happy to see many papers providing runnable models, with many high-quality papers powered by Vensim.

We look forward to seeing you in Frankfurt!


9. Resources for Vensim users

Visit us at https://vensim.com, https://ventanasystems.com and https://www.ventity.biz to keep in touch.

Buy direct at the Vensim store, https://www.vensim.com/store

Get up to speed quickly with Vensim videos: https://vensim.com/vensim-video-library/

Contact sales at vensim@vensim.com for Academic and Public Research discounts, volume quotes and other information. See the price schedules at https://vensim.com/purchase/

Extend your maintenance for a year of upgrades by logging in with your license key on the download page, https://vensim.com/download

Contact us: https://vensim.com/contact-us/

Support forum: https://www.ventanasystems.co.uk/forum

Twitter: @Vensim, @VentanaSystems, @VentitySim

Tom Fiddaman’s model library: http://metasd.com/model-library/

More: https://vensim.com/resources/

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/VensimSoftware and https://www.facebook.com/VentitySim/

The System Dynamics Society: https://www.systemdynamics.org/

10. Our official distributors
We have a number of distributors in many parts of the world (Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Spain, United Kingdom). Some run courses, all can provide tecnical support and help. For contact details, please see


For our UK-based users, please sign up to the Ventana Systems UK newsletter https://www.ventanasystems.co.uk/.  We’ll let you know about upcoming Vensim workshops and any networking events to be help in the UK.