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Vensim Help

Creates a countdown timer and displays it in the specified location and font.  A Timer is used to wait a specific time before taking an action, such as closing a screen or putting up a message. txt names the Timer.  You can have as many different timers as you like, and all are referred to by name. acc contains the number of seconds the Timer should run for and the frequency with which the timer should tick.  For example

TEXTONLY,"Time Remaining",70,40,0,0,R|Arial|14

TIMER,"T1",66,36,20,10,C|Arial|24|B|0-0-0,60|1,SPECIAL>MESSAGE|Time to go!

This would start a timer at 1 minute (60 seconds) and it would count down in 1 second intervals.  The time will be displayed in the form Minutes:Seconds.  It is necessary to specify a width and height that is at least as large as the largest displayed time.  If you supply a 0 width or height the timer display will not change.

Timers can also be created and managed with the TIMER commands.  If you leave any of acc, com or scr  blank and there is already a timer with the same name that timer will be used starting at its current time.  This allows you to leave and reenter a screen without losing the Timer settings.