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Vensim Help

Venapps are special user interfaces that make it easier for people to interact with a model.  Venapps are normally designed as button driven interfaces that simplify viewing the structure, examining the causality, and simulating and viewing the behavior in a model.

Introduction gives an overview of Venapps and includes some discussion of the theory behind building Venapps.  It is a useful place to get started before you actually undertake the task of writing a Venapp.  Venapps are made up of screens which, in turn, are made up of controls.  This chapter introduces this architecture and discusses different techniques for developing Venapps.

Editing describes the Venapp Editor.  The Venapp Editor is a configuration of the Sketch Editor that is used to edit Venapps.  

Controls details the different controls that are available for use in Venapps.  This chapter will be mostly used for reference, although you might want to read through it to get a feel for the variety of things that can be done.

Commands gives a detailed description of the commands that can be used to control Vensim from a Venapp.  Commands are broken up into a number of classes, and Chapter 5 is arranged alphabetically by class.

Examples presents a sample Venapp.  Working from an existing application is the most efficient way to develop your own Venapp, and the Template Venapp is a useful starting point.  While you are developing your applications, you might want to look through the section headings for hints on how to accomplish certain things.