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Vensim Help

If a command takes options, the options follow the vertical bar.  Options include prompt strings, numbers and other values, but cannot include imbedded commas unless the entire command field is enclosed in double quotes " ".

You can put multiple commands together using an ampersand  &  between the commands.  If a command fails, the commands following it are not invoked.  This is especially useful for querying whether the user wants to end a session.  If you combine commands and want to enclose a command in quotes, the quotes must surround all of the commands.  Thus

BUTTON,"Quit",25,95,0,0,C,Qq,"SPECIAL>ASKYESNO|Are you ready, \

and willing to stop&MENU>EXIT"

is correct, while

BUTTON,"Quit",25,95,0,0,C,Qq,"SPECIAL>ASKYESNO|Are you ready, \

and willing to stop"&MENU>EXIT

will not execute the exit command.