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Advanced Options

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The Advanced Options tab is not available with PLE or PLE Plus.  Compilation is only available with DSS.


Text Edit History (On or Comment or Off) determines whether or not a separate history file is created when you make changes to a file using the Text Editor.

On  causes a history file to be created or appended, which logs whatever changes were made whenever you save a file.  This is useful as a record of your work.
Comment allows you to enter a comment into the history file.   Each time you save a file you are asked to enter a comment.  This is helpful for making notes in history files so that you can track changes.  No comment is added if you cancel the Written Response dialog.
Off prevents the creation of any history file.  This is not a recommended setting, since you can delete history files easily at any time.

Compilation (requires Vensim DSS)

Compiled Simulation is used to speed up simulation by writing out the model equations as a C language file that can then be compiled and run as a Dynamic Link Library with Vensim.  You can choose separate compile options for Simulation (including Gaming), Optimization and Sensitivity.  It is more likely you will want to compile for optimizations and sensitivity runs.  Reality Checks are always interpreted because the equation structure is continually changed.

Interpret causes the equations of the Workbench model to be interpreted, instead of compiled, during a simulation.  Interpreting simulates slower, but gets started very quickly and is preferable if you are frequently changing the model.  If you do not have a C compiler available this is the only option you can choose.
Compile causes Vensim to create, compile, link and execute a set of C equations representing the model equations.  If you have made no changes to the model since the last simulation, the creation, compilation and linking of equations will be bypassed.  Compiled simulations take longer to set up, but simulate more quickly.
Query is the same as Compile if you have not made any changes to your model since the last simulation.  If the model has changed you will be asked if you want to compile it:  if you respond yes the model will be compiled; if you respond no the model will be interpreted.
Color/Graphics Options, brings up the Graphics Options dialog.  This allows you to control the appearance of graphs on the screen, at the printer and in the clipboard.  This is especially useful in managing the appearance of printed output when you are exporting graphics for use in other applications.

Variable coun for function breaks in mdl.c allows you to customize the number of variables grouped within the C functions created when compiling the model. This should be a value between 20 and 2000 and has a default of 100. When using optimizing compilers a smaller number can help to increase compilation speed with minimal impact on run time. For nonoptimizing compilers a large value (eg 1000) can be helpful for decreasing both compilation and runtime.

Template Model is:  lets you specify the name of the model Vensim should start with when you ask for a new model.   You should enter the full path name of the model you want to use.  The model must appear as a text file.  This is convenient for setting up commonly used macros or other information you want to be common across your models.  If you choose this option you will not be queried to fill in model settings.

Start New Model with Text Editor, if checked, opens new models in the Text Editor.  By default new models are opened in the Sketch Editor.  If you choose to start a new model in the Text Editor you will be asked for a name to save the model to.

Query Time Bounds for New Model, if checked, brings up the Model Settings dialog when you start a new model.  If not checked the model will be started with the default settings (Time from 0-100 Months by 1 month).  If you have filled in the Template Model is value this setting has no effect.

Terse Format for View>As Text, if checked, will cause the formatting of equations when viewing as text to be Terse – otherwise equations will appear as entered.

Suppress Simulation Information Window, if checked, will prevent the error window that pops up indicating which changes files are being loaded and providing other information from appearing. If there is an error (as opposed to a warning or informational message) this window will still appear.