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Models that Come with Vensim

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Vensim installs many different models with the Help documentation.  Many of the models are described  and used within the Help system.  There are also a number of models that are not described in detail in the documentation.  Here we outline the location and naming conventions for the documented models and describe a number of other models that come with Vensim.

Models install to the Models directory, in the same path as this help system, so that models can be linked for quick access. The Models directory contains the following subdirectories:

UserGuide - models used in the User Guide.

ModelGuide - models from the Modeling Guide, organized by topic

FunctionExamples - examples of usage for every function in Vensim, as described in the Reference Guide

Sample - other sample models.

OptSensi - examples of extended payoffs, stochastic optimization, Markov Chain Monte Carlo and Simulated Annealing, and sensitivity simulations.

Molecules - Molecules are useful pieces of structure

It is fine to run the models in place. However, if you plan to modify the models, we strongly recommend that you copy these directories to a working location in your control, outside the help path. This will prevent system permission problems and loss of work when Vensim updates the help files.

The location of the Models directory varies by platform. Normally the full path for this directory is

c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Vensim\Models (Windows XP),

c:\Users\Public\Vensim\Models (Windows Vista/7), or

/Users/Shared/Vensim/Models (Macintosh)