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Vensim Help

The User’s Guide models will normally install into the UserGuide subdirectory of the Models subdirectory of the Vensim help installation. (See Models that Come with Vensim).

Under the UserGuide directory there are subdirectories for each chapter in the User’s Guide.  The directories are named Chap01, Chap02 and so on.  The User’s Guide gives details on the model names.  Note that Chap18 has two subdirectories — one for calibration and one for policy optimization.

Many chapters provide starter models for you to work from, and these are located in each Chapter directory (Chap01, Chap02 etc).  User’s Guide models that are in complete form are stored in a \complete subdirectory of each Chapter.

We strongly recommend that you copy these directories to a working location in your control, outside the help path. This will prevent system permission problems and loss of work when Vensim updates the help files.