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User Guide - Vensim Introduction & Tutorials

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The Vensim Introduction and Tutorials present the main features of the Vensim simulation software.  The tutorials guide the user through Vensim with a hands-on approach.  You can examine existing models, construct your own causal loop diagrams, build stock and flow diagrams, and run simulation models.  Advanced features of Vensim, such as sensitivity testing, subscripting (arrays), and optimization, are presented using existing simulation models to speed learning.

Much of the material applies to all Vensim configurations.  The exceptions are noted in the individual sections and in the Overview of the Tutorial.  

For new users of Vensim, the presentation is designed to be read and worked through from beginning to end.  Experienced Vensim users may wish to read the updated reference sections about the Equation Editor and the updated Optimization tutorial.

See also: tutorial videos on

Running Models with Vensim PLE and the Model Reader A brief tutorial on running Vensim models with Vensim PLE (free academic, personal and evaluation use; inexpensive commercial licenses) and the Vensim Model Reader (free runtime software for models and applications that may include advanced features like arrays and macros).

Causal Tracing in Vensim A tutorial on Causal Tracing™ – following the chain of causality through a model for insight and debugging.

Lookups in Vensim A tutorial on building and using lookups (table functions) in Vensim models.

Building a Simple Vensim Model A quick tutorial on building and running a new Vensim model.