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Sketch Editor

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The Sketch Editor allows you to visually design and modify the feedback structure of a model.  This chapter describes how to:  


       Create and modify models using the Sketch Editor.
Represent different views of a model.  
Manipulate different model components on a sketch.  
Use the draw-like capabilities of the Sketch Editor.  
Control the interactions between the model you are sketching and the Workbench model.  
Use the Sketch Editor to build informal models and do data-based causal tracing.


The Sketch Editor is a visual aid and gives you substantial control over appearance.  You can display words by themselves or centered within a box, circle, or other shape.  You can change the font and color of words and the sizes of surrounding boxes and circles for emphasis.  You can display arrows as straight lines, arcs, or polygonal line segments, and you can set their color and polarity for emphasis.  


Either Text or Sketch

You cannot have a Text Editor and a Sketch Editor open on the same model at the same time.

When you exit Vensim, you are prompted to save any changes you have made to sketches you have open.  
In Vensim Professional and DSS, you can have as many models open as you like, but you cannot open more than one sketch on a given model.
If you are making large models, be sure to break them up into a number of different views.  Putting everything on one view will make your model hard to understand,  really slow things down, and you might run into capacity limitations for some Vensim configurations.