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Vensim Help

The Model>Reform/Clean command allows you to reformat and reorder model equations.  This is very useful if you are moving between the Equation Editor and Text Editor and want to put equations in alphabetical order, or order them by group.  It can also be a good way to document a model for archival purposes.

If you are storing a model in binary (.vmf) format and end up with a long list of units you are no longer using, or run into unexpected problems working with the model, you can use Reform/Clean to clean up any internal problems.  If you are working with models in text (.mdl) format, this process (with no reordering or character set translation) is automatically performed each time you close and reopen the model.

Equation Order determines the order the equations will be presented in the Text Editor, and when saved in .mdl format.  You can choose to retain the order entered, or to reorder alphabetically by group.  

Equation Format determines the format the equations are presented in.  As Originally Entered retains the format that you originally entered the equation in; Verbose attempts to maximize clarity; Terse attempts to minimize space consumed.

Character set conversion… Prior to Version 5.6 of Vensim models and supporting files were encoded using the default character sets of the computers used. From version 5.6 on Vensim uses the Unicode character encoding UTF-8. This means that independent of where a model or file is developed it will work the same on other computers as long as they can support the characters used. With Unicode, every character and letter in every language is assigned a unique number. The low numbers (< 128) are the standard ASCII encoding. This means that files and models containing only a-z, A-Z, numbers and normal punctuation are the same in almost every encoding.

However, if you use symbols beyond these, letters from other alphabets or characters from languages such as Chinese the different encodings give very different results. If you get a .vmf file from an older version of Vensim you may need to convert the character set. To do this specify in the From selection the character encoding originally used (if you need to experiment to determine this be sure to save a copy of the original model as information can be lost if the incorrect encoding is specified). Alternatively, if you want to give a model to someone with an older Vensim version you can change the To encoding.

Click on OK to complete the reformat.