Vensim newsletter, June 2024

– Vensim™ 10.2 is now available (featuring Sensitivity2All and multi-core sensitivity/optimization).

– System Dynamics Conference

– Online courses

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– Vensim 10.2 Released

Vensim 10.2 is now available for download:

– New loops tool. We’ve redesigned the loops tool. You can now highlight structure on a sketch.

– New causal chain tool. Similar to the loops tool, the causal chain tool allows you to find the routes between two variables in a model. You can also highlight these on a sketch as well.

– Multi-core sensitivity on the Mac is now available.

– New custom graph and table editors.

– Upgrades to the search tool now allows you to search within equations. For example, if you need all functions that read an Excel file, you can enter XLS and the tool will only display variables that have equations with “XLS” in them.

If you’re not yet current with 10.2, there are other new developments of note.

– The Sensitivity2All tool within Vensim allows you to quickly identify the most important constants in your model and automatically get an overview of how all constants influence the calculation of any parameter of interest (Patent Pending). Full details are in the help system at

– Multi-run configuration tool. This allows you to store a pre-defined set of experiments that can be re-run with minimal clicks. Full details are at

– In a similar spirit, the new Action Recorder can build command scripts as you run models.

There are also many aesthetic, usability and stability upgrades. Simulation setup and Synthesim™ controls are better than ever. File format and submodel upgrades enhance team use of source control, even in mixed Windows-Mac environments. For most platforms, the new version includes a crash reporter that can recover model work-in-progress.

Licenced users can download if they have active maintenance from

Academic PLE and evaluation and Model Reader users can download from

– System Dynamics Conference News & Workshops

We look forward to seeing you at the 2024 SD conference in Bergen; make sure you stop by our booth to say hello.


– Online Courses

We now offer basic, intermediate and advanced online courses in both English and Spanish. Those courses are addressed to students, teachers, researchers, consultants, professionals and public managers.

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