Author: Tom Fiddaman

  • Vensim 8.1 Release

  • Coronavirus & Epidemic Modeling

  • Translating Vensim models to Ventity

  • Dynamic Simulation > Spreadsheets

  • Work-education mismatch

    Congratulations to Navid Ghaffarzadegana, Xue Yi and Richard Larson for their publication in EJOR, Work-education mismatch: An endogenous theory of professionalization.

  • Vensim 7 Release

    Vensim 7 is available for download or purchase in the Vensim store. This includes several significant new features, including: – Interactive sensitivity runs in Synthesim – Percentile export for sensitivity runs – Calibration payoffs can now compare model variables to one another as well as to data (great for synthetic data experiments) – A trigger […]

  • Vensim 7 Synthesim + Sensitivity

    In Vensim 7, we’ve combined real-time Synthesim with sensitivity analysis, so you can see the distribution of outcomes from Monte Carlo runs interactively. This is great for giving users an appreciation of the risk associated with a decision, rather than just a best guess.

  • Data Science, Connected to the Bottom Line

    Vensim can be used to put big data in context, by incorporating the learnings from big data in simulations that account for organizational structure and finances. Vensim can also do data intensive simulation, with flexible I/O, advanced algorithms for calibration, optimal filtering, confidence bounds and Monte Carlo simulation.

  • Modeling Discrete & Stochastic Events

    It’s generally a good idea to begin thinking about your models with continuous time and quantities, particularly for strategic applications where you care about the big picture. But there are times when it matters that quantities are discrete – you can’t ride half a horse. Here’s a quick look at modeling such situations, starting with […]

  • December Sale

    If you’ve been waiting to move to the premier dynamic modeling tool, or to extend your maintenance and upgrade to the latest version of Vensim, now is a great time. All Vensim editions are on sale, 20% off, through the end of December. Buy direct at the Vensim store. At the checkout stage, enter the […]