Coronavirus & Epidemic Modeling

Community Coronavirus Model

This video explores a simple epidemic model, parameterized for a community confronting coronavirus.

You can run the model using Vensim PLE or the Model Reader (or any higher version). Our getting started and running models videos provide a quick introduction to the software.

The model:

For PLE/Pro/DSS: community corona 7.mdl

For the Reader (or any other): community corona

There’s now an update: community corona (vpmx and mdl formats)

We’ve also translated it to Ventity, which has some complementary capabilities.

There’s another copy at, where you can share comments. Also, check back here for updates to the model.

Epidemic Modeling Tutorial

This companion video builds up the classic SIR epidemic model from basic components, illustrates some Vensim features, and touches some System Dynamics concepts of growth, equilibrium, and loop dominance.

The models are in this package:

Vensim SIR

They’re distributed under the MIT license, so you can use and adapt them for teaching or any other purpose.







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