Author: Tony Kennedy

  • Vensim newsletter, June 2024

    – Vensim™ 10.2 is now available (featuring Sensitivity2All and multi-core sensitivity/optimization). – System Dynamics Conference – Online courses – Resources for Vensim users – Distributors ——————————————————————————————————————————————— – Vensim 10.2 Released ———————————————————————————————————————————————Vensim 10.2 is now available for download: – New loops tool. We’ve redesigned the loops tool. You can now highlight structure on a sketch. – […]

  • Vensim/Ventity Releases & News, April 2022

  • Vensim 9 launch sale, Ventity release and System Dynamics Society Seminar Series.

    1. Vensim 9 2. Vensim 9 launch sale, throughout the month of August 2021 3. Ventity 4.6 4. System Dynamics Society Seminar Series, Introduction to Modeling Process – Nici Zimmermann, August 18th 2021 5. Online courses 6. Applications 7. In the Forum 8. System Dynamics Conference News 9. Resources for Vensim users 10. Our official […]

  • Science Dynamics Reviews

  • Ventana news – Vensim 8.2 (inlcuding Apple M1 processor support) & Ventity releases

  • September newsletter, Ventana news – Vensim 8 & Ventity 3 releases

    1. Vensim 8 2. Vensim 8 launch sale, throughout the month of September 2019 3. Ventity 3 4. Online courses. 5. Applications 6. In the Forum. 7. System Dynamics Conference News. 8. Resources for Vensim users. 9. Our official distributors ————————————————————————————————— 1. Vensim 8 Release ————————————————————————————————— Vensim 8 has been released. It’s is now fully […]

  • Integrated Sustainable Development Goals planning model (iSDG)

    The Millennium Institute (MI) is pleased to announce the release of Version 1.2 of the Integrated Sustainable Development Goals planning model (iSDG). The iSDG is a comprehensive simulation tool developed with Vensim that generates country-specific development scenarios to show the implications of policy interventions on a country’s progress towards the SDGs. What’s New in Version […]

  • Vensim 6.4 Released.

    Get It Vensim 6.4 is available for download or purchase in the Vensim Store . Upgrades are easy – just visit the download page and enter your license key information. If your maintenance is current, you can download immediately. If you don’t have a current license, you can extend your maintenance easily – just follow […]

  • Ventity Beta Available

    The public beta of Ventity, new simulation software, is now available – we’ve just uploaded the latest (build 573). Get it at Ventity is new simulation software for complex systems. Key benefits include: Modularity and object orientation, supporting sectors and complex agents, without arcane arrays Dynamic creation and deletion of model components and relationships […]

  • New SDM-Doc version

    SDM-Doc is a nice open source tool for documenting system dynamics models. The latest version runs in Java and provides new functionality. See the Workbench for a link: SDM-Doc/Java The Java version provides a superset of the .NET capabilities (expect for the display of stock and flow diagrams). Among the additional capabilities are: Feedback Loop […]