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Vensim Help

The analysis toolset default2.vts contains a tool for editing .vcd files.  It appears second from the bottom and is labeled (the label is displayed if you allow the mouse to stop moving while positioned over the tool) Venapp Editor.  Click on this tool and then select the Venapp file you wish to edit from the list of files presented.  If you wish to create a new file type in a name for the new file and you will be asked if you want to create the file.  In either case the Venapp Editor will open.

Alternatively, if you have a Venapp file open in the Text Editor just use the menu item View>As  Sketch to view this in the Venapp Editor.  You can also move back to the Text Editor using View>As Text just as you can with a model.

Note that the analysis tool that opens the Venapp Editor is actually a Text Editor tool configured to open Venapp files in WYSIWYG mode.  While, strictly speaking, the Venapp Editor is not the Text Editor the appearance of the button for editing Venapps is sufficiently different that there should not be any confusion.