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Vensim Help

Shown below is a sample view of a small model.


The same view with the variable list shown (see Sketch Options) appears as:


When it is not maximized, the Sketch Editor has a title bar, which names the model and view you are working with.  This title bar is not visible when the Sketch Editor is maximized.


The Sketch Tools bar across the top allows you to activate different tools within the Sketch Editor, You can also set this bar to be vertical at the left.
The current view is a scrollable (both horizontally and vertically) window that shows the structural model interconnections graphically.  
The Causes checkbox determines whether the causes of a variable are included when a variable is placed in a view.  See "Adding Variables to a View" below.  This is visible only when the Variable list is visible.
The Variable list lets you select variables you want to add to a view.  Double-clicking on an entry in this list will select it into the Workbench.

The scroll bars allow you to see everything included in the view.  The area that the scroll bars access is increased automatically as you push things to the edge of the view.  If you want to place something outside of the currently visible area, place it on, or just beyond, the edge of the current view, then scroll the current view.

The Status Bar at bottom provides navigation and control over sketch element appearance.